Increase Your Revenue, not your workload.

Protect your clients & add a new revenue stream with automated chargeback management.








Added Yearly Profit:

Whitelabelling Functionality

Your branding, your service

Sell automated chargeback services under your own branding.

Self-onboard & manage merchants

You can easily add merchants and enable chargeback services yourself.

Embed within your existing portal

Already have a merchant portal? Easily embed & add a chargeback dashboard.

Why Offer Chargeback Services?

Many merchants don't even attempt to answer chargebacks ever. Even more rarely win their chargebacks. It's good for your merchant & valuable for you to offer chargeback services.

Make 10-30% More Profit On Your Existing & New Ecom Merchants

Offer a Unique & Valuable Service to Stand Out

Select The Services Relevant to Each Merchant

Set Your Own Pricing, You Keep 100% of Markup

Completely Automated, Zero Upkeep. Onboard in Minutes.


Chargeback Alerts

Automatically block 70-90% of chargebacks by issuing instant refunds using chargeback alerts.

Programs: RDR, Ethoca, CDRN

Ideal for: High risk, Medium risk

Chargeback Representment

Automatically respond to chargebacks using customized responses that help maximize win rate.

Ideal for: All card not present (CNP)

Fraud Prevention

Help block fraud and automatically flag or refund high risk orders.

Ideal for: All card not present (CNP)

Why Whitelabel?

Boost Your Credibility & Customer Loyalty

Win new business & strengthen existing relationships by offering chargeback services that save merchants time & money.

Add A Valuable New Revenue Stream

Add a merchant once and enjoy significantly increased residuals for life.

Reduce Merchant Risk & Liability

With chargeback alerts, you'll essentially never have to worry about merchants losing their MID due to chargeback rate. This means reduced headaches for everyone & preservation of your income.

Provides A Refined Product for Your Brand

By whitelabelling industry-leading chargeback services, you modernize your brand image and adopt technology that helps you compete with "the big guys".

Partnership Types:

custom solution

You set pricing & keep 100% of the markup

You select the ervice(s) to offer your customers


Solve your customer's problems without creating one for yourself. We handle all integrations & upkeep. Increase your revenue with ease.


Not ready to become a reseller? No problem. Get generous referral commissions from a single introduction. We take it from there.

20-30% - lifetime commission

Portal to view referrals & revenue

Refer businesses in need, we do the rest