Order Not Received Chargebacks Are Optional

Lost shipment? Running late? Find out before your customer.

Some portion of shipments will always have issues. We take a proactive approach to these issues, notifying you or your customer of any issues. This helps prevent complaints, chargebacks, and unhappy customers.

Notify your team, customer, and 3PL/fulfillment agent

Our automated notifications flag orders that aren't shipped or delivered after a certain amount of time. When these situations arise, we can alert your team, your 3PL/agent, and your customer.

Happier customers, less chargebacks & reduced support tickets

By taking a proactive approach to shipping issues, you can significantly reduce chargebacks, support tickets, and unhappy customers.

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First 100 orders free. 5 cents per order afterwards.

Prevent Customer
Complaints & Chargebacks

Fully Automated & Customizable

Works With All Worldwide Shipping Carriers