Fraud Chargebacks Are Optional

Locate fraud orders and automatically verify or refund

Our AI powered solution automatically locates fraudulent orders with precision accuracy. Then, our advanced system can either send automated verification emails to the customer, or cancel and refund the order.

Reduce false positive refunds

Traditional fraud tools flag far too many orders. Our system is designed to retain the maximum amount of orders and reduce false positive refunds as much as possible.

Reduce human involvement & review

Most fraud tools simply provide an analysis and leave next steps up to you. Disputifier is different. We help you craft a custom strategy to take flagged orders and verify these through automated customer communication. Plus, we automatically cancel orders that fail verification and fraud analysis tests (if desired).

Try For Free

First 100 orders free. 5 cents per order afterwards.

Reduce Chargebacks

Eliminate False Refunds

Minimal Human Oversight Needed