The Chargeback Alerts Platform Of The Future


Prevent up to 95% of chargebacks on autopilot.

Our platform enables up to 95% block rate of your chargebacks. We can prevent chargebacks from Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover.

Fully automated response creation & submission.

We handle 100% of the workload for alerts. Refunds are processed in seconds and resolved. Furthermore, we automate subscription cancellations, blacklisting, notifications, and more workflows.

The most advanced alert issue flagging

We’re the only company that automatically flags and credits you for Verifi & Ethoca issues such as:

Transaction declined, still received alert

Received multiple Ethoca alerts for a single transaction

Received both RDR & Ethoca alert

Received alert, still received chargeback

Can’t find transaction

What are chargeback alerts?

Automated Chargeback Recovery

Chargeback alerts are pre-dispute notifications facilitated by Visa and Mastercard. These alerts allow us to refund your chargebacks before they're received by your processor. This means we stop the chargeback and simultaneously decrease your dispute rate.

Forget about chargebacks forever

Industry-lowest alert pricing

Fully automated

Blocks 60-95% ofchargebacks