Works With All Payment Processors

We work with every payment processor to ensure that all your chargebacks get answered, regardless of where they are located.

Many processors have different requirements and best practices for fighting chargebacks.

We customize and submit different responses according to each processor's requirements.

CRMs & Gateways

Disputifier is purpose-built for e-commerce brands.

We integrate with major CRMs like Shopify, Checkout Champ, Sticky, Woocommerce, and more.

We can support nearly any merchant regardless o the CRM, gateway, or shopping platform they're using.

CRM &Shopping Platforms

Disputifier is purpose-built for brands using Shopify, Checkout Champ, OrderLogix, or Sticky to process orders.

However, there's been overwhelming demand for other CRMs. We're close to releasing our universal portal which will allow ANY company on ANY platform to use Disputifier.

Universal CRM Support Coming Q4 2023

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Supported Business Models

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Digital Products

Physical & Digital
Subscriptions & Memberships

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