Never Worry About 
Chargebacks Again.


Automate Fighting Disputes

Our system automatically generates & submits highly customized responses proven to increase your dispute win rate.

Answer All Your Disputes

We make it easy for you to answer any dispute, regardless of the payment processor. All orders currently must be placed on Shopify.

Win More Disputes

We fight thousands of disputes monthly, allowing us to split test dozens of approaches. This means your responses will be data-driven and extremely effective.

We actually get results.


Increase in dispute win rate.


Reduction in time spent managing disputes.


Decline in dispute ratio.



(per dispute)


Answer disputes/chargebacks in 30 seconds or less

Increase your win rate or your money back.

Positive ROI guaranteed.


7 Day Free Trial


(per dispute)


Advanced notifications & analytics.

Increase your win rate or your money back.

100% Automatic dispute/chargeback fighting.

Dedicated success manager.

Positive ROI guaranteed.


7 Day Free Trial

+ $19/month

Backed by our cocky 90-day Money Back Guarantee

  • Q: I use [insert payment processor]. Would Disputifier work for me??

    Yes! Disputifier works with all payment processors. Currently, we have integrations built with Shopify Payments, Stripe, and PayPal (beta). Many smaller processors don't have a dispute API available, however, we've figured out a workaround for this! Using Disputifier, you can import disputes from any processor in seconds. If you're on the "Freedom" plan, we do all this for you.

  • Q: Can I use Disputifier on multiple stores?

    You can use Disputifier on as many Shopify stores as you want. However, each store will have a different Disputifier account. This allows you to customize your response templates and notifications to fit each store perfectly!

  • Q: How does Disputifier work?

    It's a secret ;)

    Just kidding. Disputifier is your one-stop solution to preventing and fighting disputes/chargebacks. We use advanced algorithims and AI to analyze thousands of data points and make the most informed decisions possible. This allows us to fight disputes effectively, and to automatically cancel orders that would result in a dispute.

  • Q: My business model is unique, would Disputifier work for me?

    Yes! We offer full customization over response templates, notifications, and dispute prevention. By default, Disputifier is built for a physical product store. However, you can easily customize it to suit your unique needs.

  • Q: We aren't on Shopify, can we still use Disputifier?

    Soon! We will be releasing our Shopify-independant portal in Q1 2022. Then, you'll be able to use Disputifier regardless of your website's platform.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Results based on multiple case studies, but will vary from store-to-store.

Both plans come with a positive-ROI promise and are backed by our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.


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