Disputifier is the first chargeback automation solution for e-commerce merchants & ISOs.

5X ROI Guaranteed

100% Automated

Fully automated response creation & submission.

We source all evidence, create a compelling response, and submit it - all within seconds! With Disputifier, when we say automated, we mean it. 

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The Most Advanced
Chargeback Responses In The World.

The Most Advanced
Chargeback Responses In The World.


Detailed dynamic responses

Our industry-leading systems analyzes hundreds of data points to generates dozens of dynamic images and a customized rebuttal/text section. Combined, these make an insanely effective rebuttal to recover your revenue.

100% Automated by code, not humans

Guaranteed increase in win rate

Success-based pricing
No setup or monthly fees

We guarantee an increase in win rate

We're so confident in our responses that we GUARANTEE an increase in win rate within the first 50 decisions. If your win rate doesn't increase, you don't pay. 

Step 1

New dispute is received

We securely load your new dispute into Disputifier.

How It Works

Step 2

Dispute response is created

We analyze over 100 data points to build a high-performance,
multi-page PDF response.

Step 3

Dispute response is reviewed by a human

 Our team reviews every single response to ensure that you have the best chance possible of a successful dispute recovery.

Step 4

You win

 Using Disputifier ensures the maximum chance possible of winning. You only pay when we do, so there’s no risk to you!

What Sets Us Apart?

The truth is, there’s a lot of chargeback answering platforms.

The sad reality is that every single one of these platforms is a glorified agency, relying on underpaid overseas workers to create their chargeback responses from scratch.

Under the guise of “AI” or “Automation”, they charge ridiculous fees for underperforming, inconsistent results. Pair that with annual contracts & expensive setup fees, and you’re left losing money instead of making money.

With Disputifier, it’s different. Our fully-automated response creation allows us to charge fair, success-based prices. Furthermore, it allows us to guarantee an increase your win rate through automated split testing.

Not only are our responses automated, they’re more detailed than any other company. We automatically source the following evidence points that other companies don’t:

Shipping Label

Proof Of Delivery

Customer Communication

Plus 50+ other evidence points that other companies may or may not include.

More detailed

Works with all processors

Built for ecom

How It Works

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