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Fraud Scanning

Order Not Received Prevention

Verifi™  & Ethoca™  Alerts 

Step 01

Fraud Scanning

Our AI-powered fraud detection tool scans hundreds of data points on each order to accurately identify what's fraud (and what's not).

Prevent False Positives

Stop Up To 99% Of Fraud

Step 02

Order Unreceived Prevention 

We automatically find lost orders and keep customers informed during the shipping process. This drastically helps reduce order unreceived chargebacks, especially for dropshipping.

Increase Customer Happiness & LTV

Reduce Order Unreceived Disputes By Up To 80%

Step 03

Chargeback Alerts

For brands with urgent chargeback issues, we offer Verifi™ and Ethoca™ alerts to instantly reduce chargebacks. These alerts allow you to refund up to 95% of chargebacks without them counting against your chargeback rate.

100% Hands-Off

Intelligent Filters For Highest ROI


Disputifier is the first all-inclusive chargeback automation solution for e-commerce merchants. 

5X ROI Guaranteed

100% Automated


On Autopilot

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